One more reason to use Scrivener for thesis writing

In addition to the  five reasons to write your thesis in Scrivener there is at least one more: Scrivener provides a possibility of seeing and editing concurrently several snippets of texts. It’s invaluable if you want to align several distant parts of your thesis (e.g. Aims, Discussion and Conclusions):

Editing three sections from distant parts of the thesis in Scrivener.

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About Aleh Cherp

Aleh Cherp is Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University and Associate Professor of Lund University. He is also the coordinator of MESPOM, an Erasmus Mundus Masters course operated by six Universities in Europe and North America.
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7 Responses to One more reason to use Scrivener for thesis writing

  1. Jessica Jewell says:

    Completely agree Aleh! When dealing with a long text this feature is particularly useful since you can view all the places where you talk about a specific topic or only focus on the intro and the conclusion (which is what many people start with before deciding whether to read the whole piece).

  2. Aleh Cherp says:

    Thank you! (Also for sharing the Scrivener of your thesis for the screenshot).

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  4. Dellu says:

    Perfect for small notes as in Sente exported snippets. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. yoyontzin says:

    How can I write Theorems enviroments with scrivener? I would like in particular to add cross references to them.


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